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An Associate of Arts Degree in 自由研究 is ideal for students anticipating earning an associate degree with the long-term goal of a bachelor’s degree. The program is focused primarily on general education courses that will apply to most bachelor’s degree programs and allow graduates to move seamlessly into major courses.

Program Director:  Dr. Jason Dunn  229-226-1621 ext 1061


  • 作文我
  • 作文二世
  • Oral Communication for Professionals
  • 大学 Studies
  • Math/Science electives (3 courses)
  • Cultural Foundation electives (3 courses)
  • Creativity (2 courses)
  • Inquiry (3 courses)
  • Open Electives (5 courses)*


*Three credit hours of foreign language are required for completion of the Associate of Arts degree.  Students entering with no high school credits in foreign language must take one foreign language course.  Students entering with one year of high school credit in foreign language may exempt the language course or choose to earn credit by exam for a foreign language course.  If exempted, students must fulfill these three hours with an elective course.



Apply for Admission.

Pay your Application Fee.

Send official transcripts.

Students with no prior college, please provide an official high school transcript or GED. Students with prior college credit must submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges.

Send official transcripts to


Admissions Office
Thomas 大学
1501 Millpond Road
Thomasville, GA 31792

Thomas 大学

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1501 Millpond Road
Thomasville, GA 31792